Hook, Line and Sinker…

woman-with-question-mark-1024x716New relationships are scary and come with so very many questions that need answering. To begin with, at what point do you decide that you don’t want to go out on any more dates with other men? How do you know when the right time is to disable your account on the dating site? These are hard questions and all I can say is..you know when you know. It helps to ask yourself how you would feel if the guy you are interested in was talking to other girls and potentially going out on other dates. The minute you think “Oh hell no!” well girlfriend, you’ve been hooked like a big old trout (sorry for the unflattering comparison but it’s all I could think of at the moment) and it’s time to hit the disable button and tell those other men you are unavailable. (which, if you are like me..can be a little harder than it sounds) If you are cool with your man potentially smoochin up on other fish in the sea..well then keep on swimming girl! It’s time to see what else is out there.

After saying goodbye to Nate, I knew that I was ready to see where things could go with the oh so gentlemanly Josh. I hadn’t really meant to play hard to get, but dealing with the Nate situation made me hold myself back slightly, right in the beginning. Looking back, I think this was actually a good thing. As I’ve explained before, I can kind of get a little overzealous when I meet someone I click with and throw all my hopes onto their shoulders. That kind of weight can spook a man faster than a clumsy hunter chasing a deer on a motorcycle (lord my metaphors are ridiculous today). It was nice, you know, to be the one pursued instead of the pursuer. Josh asked me to brunch the week after things ended with Nate. I agreed and suggested a cute place called The Grill that just so happened to be smack dab in the middle of our two houses. Did I happen to mention that he lived only about 8 minutes from me? Pretty sweet and wayyyyy better than oh I don’t know Norfolk, or Atlanta or PENSACOLA! Sheesh..what was I thinking? As a side note, I had been thinking a lot about Bennett and how mad I had been at him for giving up on us so easily. After dealing with the distance with Nate (only 2 hours apart) I was really getting some much-needed perspective on how impossible a relationship with Bennett would have been with a full 8 hours standing between us. How exactly did I think that was going to work? Having now been in Bennett’s position, I felt like sending him a text apologizing for not getting it earlier. It was definitely the right decision and sure enough, it lead me to the position I was in now with a guy who had a lot of potential. While I was liking Josh more and more through our talks on the phone and he was super cute on our first date pulling that diet coke move..the chemistry was more of a building warmpth than a fiery spark. I was curious to see if it would continue to grow or cool off. The morning we met was overcast with slate grey clouds rippling the sky. I saw him standing outside the restaurant and again I was struck by how tall he was and how much of a solid presence he had. He was dressed casually in jeans, sneakers and a fitted shirt, but unlike that other guy (you know the hot mess?) Josh just looked hot…hold the mess. I gave him a hug and he flashed those adorable dimples at me…whew..those things sure packed a punch. We went inside and found a table. He seemed way more relaxed this time and we settled into an easy conversation. Not only did he have that great smile, he also had a teeny tiny lisp that was completely adorable. It was barely noticeable but it made me pay extra attention to his mouth. And then it happened, I gave myself the test…the Would I Want To Kiss That Mouth test. It sounds goofy, but really this has never steered me wrong.

My test results? A RESOUNDING YES. Hallelujah!

Because here was the thing that got me…not only was Josh really cute and actually really funny and sarcastic in a subtle kind of way, he was also a GENTLEMAN. He held the door for me and the couple that came after, asked politely to switch tables once he saw that the sun was shining right in my eyes…our service was terrible..his drink was empty for almost the entire time and yet he didn’t complain once. When we finally got our breakfast, his portion sizes were almost laughable. It looked as though he had gotten his breakfast switched with the toddler seated next to us. I waited to see what he would do..Josh looked at his plate, looked at me and laughed…”Oh well. Guess I’m going to need to eat some cereal when I get home!” I felt so badly for him. He was a big guy..he easily could have eaten a breakfast five times that size. I urged him to tell the waitress, but he just shrugged it off. “No big deal.” He said good-naturedly and went right back to swapping funny college stories with me. I gave him the rest of my breakfast and he didn’t even hesitate at the idea of sharing food off my plate..When I tried doing that with Mark, he had balked and told me how he didn’t like to share and that it was probably an only child thing..whiiiiiich is why I had to break things off. You better believe I’m going to be stealing a french fry off your plate or asking you to give me a bite of your mushroom risotto. I love to share…it’s probably an “I have a twin so I have always had to share everything” thing πŸ˜‰ Since Josh came from a family of 7 kids..I’m pretty sure he had that whole sharing thing down pat.

I’m imagining dinner could have looked a little something like this…feast

Thirty minutes into this date and I was smitten..How sweet was this guy?? We sat there, talking and laughing over our breakfast as the rain started to fall outside. Pretty soon it became a veritable monsoon and we waited it out…both of us using it as an excuse to prolong the date. Later on he told me how much he wanted to kiss me as we stood by my car saying goodbye. How perfectly Nicholas Sparks would that have been…kissing in the rain? Sigh..but don’t worry..I finally did get that kiss πŸ˜‰ and it…was…perfect.

oh yea…and I went home and disabled my account within five minutes.

I was sunk in the most beautiful way.


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