One Year…

happy anniversaryIt is amazing to me that one year ago, I started this blog as a way to catalogue my dating adventures. This included a whole heap of highs and lows..awkward moments and poignantly beautiful ones. Throughout it all, I have shared my heartbreaks and my stumbles into and out of love. It is so very humbling to me to think that you all might take some time out of your day to experience all this with me. You’ve cheered me on and motivated me to keep writing, keep dating, keep looking for love. What can I say but thank you..from the bottom of my heart..THANK YOU. I know for sure that I have grown immensely from the girl who started this project a year ago. She was slightly broken, slightly hopeless and needed to find herself again. I like to think this was a path that helped me do that. To get my hurts and triumphs out on this page has helped me look back and learn so many invaluable lessons. And so! To celebrate, I thought we could scope out a few of my stats you’ve helped me earn! We can give ourselves a collective pat on the back for being awesome.

Check this out:

Number of you guys who are actually reading this thing: 7,383

Countries scoping me out: (I’m taking over the world muahahahah)flags_globe_179100354
United States
United Kingdom
United Arab Emirates
New Zealand

Number of posts I’ve written in the last year: 40

Your Top 5 Favorite Posts:
1. Say Something
2. A Little Advice
3. Broken Hearts
4. Fingers Crossed
5. Goin’ Courtin’

By writing this blog, I have opened myself up to a barrage of dating questions, relationship advice requests and lending a sympathetic ear to fellow frustrated daters. To be honest, I’m no expert on any of these topics but I do know that I have gathered quite a bit of experience and perspective throughout this journey and if this little blog can be a flashlight in the dark for those of you stumbling around trying to figure out how to be single..well then I’ve done my job..cause come on, no one like stubbing their toes on heavy pieces of furniture and plus, your dog’s delicate ears shouldn’t have to hear the string of words that come from your mouth after. Kind of like the ones I say after a particularly epic bad date. Sorry mom. It was nice to know sometimes that I wasn’t in this boat alone. You know, the jankity-looking one with a big hole in the bottom..plugged up with bubble gum and duct tape Macgyver style?macgyver Yeah that was my dating boat. I’m sure some people have gorgeous dating yachts..with butlers bringing them fruity drinks with little frilly umbrellas in them. Dating for these people is fun and exciting and I’m sure they’ve never had to drive their wasted 21-year-old dates home…I’m sure they’ve never been invited into their date’s parents’ house so his mom could make them a sandwich. Ahhh memories 😉

As a girl who has quite an astonishing number of bad (and by bad I mean completely horrific) dates under her belt, sometimes I had to wonder. Was it me? Was I attracting these lunatics with some kind of Batsignal in the sky?? BatSignal I mean sure, we’ve all heard about a friend’s date not going quite the way they had planned or hoped, but never…NEVER have I had a friend tell me the kind of story I was getting into the habit of telling. When my friend Casie broke up with her boyfriend, she found herself in the same position I had been in only a short time ago (has it really been almost a year??) and was terrified that she would start to accumulate a few terrible date stories of her own. I tried to reassure her that they weren’t all bad…only..well..most of them were. Out of curiosity, I have perused some of the other dating blogs floating around the internet and breathed a sigh of relief when I soon realized that I was not the only one having these experiences. I was just another member of this not-so-exclusive club. It feels good to know that you are not alone…that you are connected to other people. And this is really what it comes down to. The idea that you can connect with another human being…whether it’s through the head, heart or words on a page..and that no matter what, single or not are never ever alone. So to all my dating friends out there: Stay strong…keep at it…because at the very least, you will always have another story to tell.

Anywho, you’ve been there through it all friends and I hope you stick around for another anniversary or two!
oxoxo Julia


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