First Kisses and Baby Pterodactyls

spring break2I have to start this post off with an apology…It’s been a few weeks since we last talked..I promise I still love you, life has been busy and if any of you are teachers…know teachers..or have had a are probably aware that this is the time of year when we are losing our damn minds because our students are doing the same. The weather starts to warm and hint of spring. This creates an epidemic of lost sanity and here I am clinging to the magical life raft that is Spring Break. So…since I’ve had a minute to come up for air, I figured I had better get to it! We have lots to catch up on friends. 🙂

Let me think…when last we left off with Josh, he and I had had such a great breakfast date that I decided to go home and deactivate my dating profile. This bold move gave me a moment of pause..which then annoyed me. I hate that I had (and I think most everyone can agree they have gone through this as well) the feeling of “well what if someone else better is out there and I’m missing out because I’m taking myself out of the game?” I can’t stand that it popped into my head, but I guess it’s a very human thing to feel. I think that as long as you acknowledge the feeling and then shove it down in a deep place inside of you (I like to picture Gollum’s caves)gollumcaves so that it doesn’t rear its ugly head and get in the way of a budding relationship. At some point you have to give yourself over to that one person and give them your entire focus. Yeah, it’s scary, but it’s never going to work if you don’t. My precious.

Anywho…I was floating on little happy bubbles after our date and so when Josh asked me if I wanted to go out again, I quickly agreed. We had talked about going to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. For those of you who aren’t familiar (which is probably 99.9% of you) this place is GORGEOUS! They do a fairly spectacular light display from November to January with over forty million twinkling strands of lights, model trains, more Christmas trees than I could even count. Throw in a fire pit with s’mores and hot chocolate and this place is like some magical Christmas heaven. 16-Dominion-GardenFest-of-Lights-1

Even though Josh had lived in Richmond his entire life, there are so many Richmond Bucket list things he has never done. This city is amazing and though it lacks salt water (much to my extreme dismay), I have grown to love it more and more every day. After talking with Josh, I made it my own personal mission to show him what this city really is. And so…off to the gardens we went! He picked me up at my house and actually came to the door to get me. I am making a point to explain this because I have had more than one experience of men staying in their car and GASP…sending me the modern equivalent of a honk…that’s right folks..they text “Here” and expect me to hop to it.

I’m sorry. EFF that. GET your LAZY ASS out of the vehicle and COME TO THE DOOR like a gentleMAN. GRRRRRR. This kind of behavior really steams my broccoli.n-MAN-DOOR-FLOWERS-large570 You don’t even need to bring flowers (though I will never turn them down. They’re pretty and they smell good. I mean that’s kind of a no-brainer. I’m a girl. I dig things that are pretty and smell good.) But I digress..

So Josh (like the gentleman he is) came to the door to get me and off we went to see the lights. When we got there, we took our time wandering through the different buildings and admiring the themed trees that sparkled in each room. He was a good sport, waiting as I lingered by the butterfly tree…laughing as I squealed in excitement over the beautiful flowers inside the greenhouse. I have a thing for flowers. We ran into one of my sorority sisters from college and I stuttered over the introduction. “This is my…er…friend..Josh.” Friend. And with no moves to take my hand or do anything more, I was starting to worry about the possibility that we might just stay that very word.

Halfway through our tour of the grounds I screwed up every ounce of nerve I had and went for it. I slipped my arm through his and pulled him to my side. “There,” I told him. “That’s better.” He laughed and I think he felt relieved that I had made the first move. He bought me hot chocolate and we walked the paths..admired the lights..and all the while I wondered..was he going to kiss me? It was quite possibly one of the most romantic settings for a date that I had ever been on and around every curve and near every secluded bench..past every sparkling gazebo and over every bridge glowing with light..I felt my heart quicken. And when we found ourselves in the Japanese gardens with the soft sound of water splashing in fountains and the carefully sculpted Japanese maples lit like fire from underneath, I felt his hand take mine. He leaned in toward me..and…


A loud and high-pitched shriek came from directly behind us. It was a noise I liken to the cry a baby Pterodactyl would have made oh about 150 million years ago. pterodactylWe sprang apart and much to our surprise, it was not in fact, an infant dinosaur, but rather an ill-behaved tiny human. Said tiny human made it his goal to voice his displeasure at regular intervals and wound his way at chaotic speeds up and down what was once our completely romantic and secluded first kiss spot. His parents followed behind with the stroller..moving at at glacial pace and didn’t seem the least bit concerned that their child was wreaking havoc on a crucial moment in our date. I gave the parents my best “get your shit together” glare..and by “shit” I mean child..sorry I’m not sorry.

The moment, splintered from the force of the vocal shock waves rippling from the air, was gone…and so we tried walking as quickly as possible to gain some distance from the disaster that was our romantic almost kiss. We finished up our time at the gardens and headed back to my house. I was slightly disappointed about dinosaur child ruining our moment, but I have been training myself in the “if it’s supposed to happen it will happen” school of thought. I didn’t need to be in a hurry. Sometimes the best things take a little time. I knew the chemistry was there, waiting at a slow simmer..and I was willing to wait for the right moment. It was still pretty early, so I invited him in to watch a movie before he went home. Everyone knows that “watching a movie” is code for…”let’s see if we can get extremely close to one another on a comfy piece of dim lighting..with the hope that we might end up making out.” lol. Am I right?

I leaned against him on the couch with my hand on his chest..heart and mind racing at the contact. KISS ME! KISS ME! KISS ME! I shouted at him in my head.

And then..finally..he did. 🙂


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