Since You’ve Been Gone…


Now that I have Kelly Clarkson jamming in your head 😉 (you’re welcome) Hi friends! Long time no see (er..long time no read?)…sorry about leaving you hanging there for a few months. You know how sometimes life just gets so crazy and you blink and somehow weeks and weeks have gone by in blur? Well it seems like I got swept up in a whirlwind of a new school year starting and holidays and projects and birthdays and work and junk and didn’t get to do the writing I would have liked to. And you’re over there saying yeah yeah excuses excuses..You’ve got me..If I’m being completely honest with you..which I always try to be. I think a little bit of it was this fear of writer’s block. You’re sitting there going..ok..I’ve written about the bad dates (bad..ha! Understatement of the century) the good dates, the guys I fell for, the guys who didn’t work out and then the one that did..and the big L word. Seems like it should be a wrap right? Well I heard from a friend a while back who scolded me for not writing in a while.. “You need to write another blog post soon!” She urged me..somewhat frantically I might add. “We are all out here living vicariously through you and I need something to read while I drink my coffee in the morning!” She has three boys all under the age of 6 (bless her heart) and between the epic battles of whether or not to wear pants, cleaning peanut butter off the walls and pee off the bathroom floor, I think she needed to be reminded of the good old days. And these days have been good 🙂 a little tricky navigating the ins and outs of a still young relationship but so so good.

Let me catch you up…

Let’s see, since we last talked…Josh and I had done the “I love you” thing…which was lovely and perfect and rainbows practically shot out of my eyeballs for weeks after..happlandWe went to the beach together twice, once with his family and then once with mine. We camped out on the beach in a tent one night and fell asleep to the sound of the was like my own personal version of heaven. If you have never done this, you have to..just trust’s magical. Also, let me reiterate the fact that his family is AWESOME. Fun and relaxed and warm. Families can be so intimidating..especially ones as huge as his. So many people who could potentially be judging you and the relationship you have with their loved one. What if they hate you?? What if they think you aren’t good enough or successful enough or pretty enough..what if they liked the last girl better?? It can seriously drive your anxiety levels through the roof just thinking about it. Thankfully, from day one, his family has been overwhelmingly cool. It makes me love him even more.

We tossed around the idea of moving in together. It would make a lot of sense financially and since he spends, on average, about five nights a week at my seems pretty silly for him to have his place. Only issues? 1. He has never lived with a girlfriend before so I think he is a little apprehensive about it. He is an independent guy. He likes his space and his down time. I think he has this picture in his head of what it’s like to live with a girl and it is scaring the hell out of him. 2. Both of our houses are small. I mean positively tiny! We both only have one bathroom and for two people who like their own space, we wouldn’t have anywhere to call our own. He briefly considered turning my attic into a man cave, but then I reminded him about the lack of heat and the ghost and he changed his mind. Mys_ghost_spreadps. my attic hasn’t quite hit this level of creepiness just yet.

The moving in thing has been tricky. We set a date for December…pushed it to January and then found out that he couldn’t get out of his lease until June. ARG! Each time we have had to push it back, I get more and more bummed. I’m trying to be patient and I don’t want to rush him into something before he is completely ready, but when I think about the amount of money we could be saving (and potentially putting aside to BUY a house) it makes me frustrated. Also, it doesn’t help that my friend and her boyfriend (the one who started dating a few months after me..met a guy after only three dates and they have been together happily since) are moving in together now. And he has two’d think they would be moving at a slower pace than us, but apparently I’m dating a damn GLACIER. I try sooooooooooo hard not to use them as a yardstick, but holy cow is THAT HARD.

Self-reflective thought of the day: I think my New Year’s resolution should be to have more patience. A lot more patience. Apparently it’s a virtue I am lacking. ME_113_Patience

Also, I need to stop comparing myself and my relationship to others. This is one of my favorite quotes and I need to remind myself of it so often that I should probably have it tattooed somewhere on my body. Like my forehead.


Speaking of the New Year..we spent that with my sis and her hubby, drinking cranberry martinis and playing Cards Against Humanity..The holidays were so much parents were in town from Georgia so we spent a lot of time with them..they are now officially in love with Josh and remind me gently not to mess this one up..thanks a lot guys 😉 …we spent Christmas morning with my family and the evening with his. So much family makes me positively giddy with happiness.

Next on the agenda is a surprise getaway to Charlottesville, VA for Valentine’s Day/Josh’s 36th birthday. I have been so sneaky about this and for a girl who finds it impossible to keep any kind of fun secret, I cannot believe I have been able to keep this from him. With the help of a good friend, I got awesome seats to the University of Virginia/Louisville men’s basketball game. Josh is borderline obsessed with UVA Basketball so I know he is going to flip. Both teams are ranked super highly right now (like I know anything about basketball lol) and it promises to be a fun game to watch. I also booked us a night at the Boar’s Head Inn. This place is positively GORGEOUS!!


We are heading to one of my best friend’s little boy’s first birthday (you got all that?) and I’m going to pack him a bag, hide it in the trunk and then when we are heading home, take a detour…all the way to Charlottesville. EEEEEKKKKK I AM SO EXCITED I MIGHT PEE!!kitten

Ok friends…I feel like you are mostly updated by now and I’m feeling a little less guilty for leaving you. I will keep you posted on the surprise trip and don’t worry…we’ll talk soon. (or rather, I’ll write and you’ll read..hopefully) tootles!


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