Hey there! I’m a 27 year old gal living here in Richmond. I split my time between being a highschool English teacher, playing music, hanging out with my tight-knit group of friends, having regular sushi dates with my twin sister and loving up on my two wildly attractive dogs. My parents live in the mountains of Georgia and at 31 years of marriage, are a picture I hold in my head of what a marriage should look like. That is, when my mom isn’t threatening to leave him for Michael Buble and he isn’t replying that Giada de Laurentiis from the Food Network would suit him just fine.

I was inspired (aka pressured by friends) to create this blog because of the sweet, ridiculous, sometimes a little sad, but mostly just awkward experiences I have had as a newly single 27 year old trying to date for the first time since..like ever. Maybe you’re going through this too, maybe you just need a good belly laugh, maybe you were bored and didn’t feel like cleaning your apartment. Whatever the reason, I’m glad you’re here. πŸ™‚


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  1. looking forward to following your blog. I was friends with your Mom when you were youngsters in the MOMs Club and my twin daughters often looked like you and your sister in your outgrown clothing. I will be single again after 27 years of marriage on Wednesday so tell me how to maneuver the waters. My daughter and her fiance live in Richmond and attend MCV. small world

    • Thanks so much for the comment Karen! I am sorry to hear that you are going through a rough time as well. I cannot begin to imagine what that would be like, but I do want to say..If you happen to be swimming in this same ocean, I know you feel like you have lost a huge chunk of who you are..it is terrifying and fairly depressing at moments (ok days/hours), but it is also exciting to think that you can redefine yourself. This can be done at any age. I find myself sometimes getting bogged down in the feeling that I have failed at something..then I give myself a pep talk and remember that I am a human being, I have made mistakes and will probably continue to make them until the day I die..I have also done so many things right. It sounds like you have this whole “mom” thing down and you should count that as a huge triumph. Now you get to remember who you were before anyone else came along. Take it slow, let men take you out for a drink or dinner. Take a class, find a new hobby, buy a new outfit (or 4) and tell yourself that you are beautiful and any man would be lucky to have you. Your ex was only supposed to be with you for that part of your life. This next chapter holds something even better. I know you will be just fine! Just take things slow..allow yourself time to grieve..and then one day you will wake up and it won’t hurt quite so much anymore. Sending you good thoughts and I hope this blog will brighten your days a little bit πŸ™‚


  2. Just caught up with some of your blogs and WOW good for you! My daughter Alison got married last weekend at the Mill by Short Pump and is on her honeymoon. Hope you are having a blast on your cruise to Cozumel!

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